AWS Solution Architect Certification Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certifications are the must-have certificates for any IT professional working with AWS. This course is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) - Associate Exam. Even if you have never logged in to the AWS platform before, by the end of our AWS training you will be able to take the CSA exam. No programming knowledge needed and no prior AWS experience required. With this AWS certification under your belt (and optionally after completing our AWS Certified Developer course), you will be in high demand by many employers and you can command a superior salary.

In this course we will start with a broad over view of the AWS platform and then deep dive in to the individual elements of the AWS platform. You will explore Route53, EC2, S3, Cloud Front, Autoscaling, Load Balancing, RDS, RedShift, DynamoDB, EMR, VPC etc.

AWS are constantly evolving their platform, in 2015 there were over seven hundred new product releases, and are on track for over one thousand for 2016! As 2016 progresses we will continuously update this course with new content so you will never have to worry about missing out or failing the AWS certification test because of new content.

We have successful track record of delivering quality training on aws certified solutions architect training / certification from the students of UK , Europe , USA , Qatar , Germany , Italy , Spain , Canada , Denmark , Sweden , Switzerland , Netherlands , Australia , New Zealand , UAE , Thailand , Malaysia and many more countries

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Key Features of AWS Solution Architect Training

  1. Training Delivery Via Classroom training or Virtual Classroom or Instructor Led Online Training or Self Paced Learning Program
  2. Multiple Practical Assignments
  3. 24*7 Support during the training
  4. Soft Copy of Training Material
  5. 2 or 3 Industrial Level Project which you can use in your CV as a training projects

Course Description of AWS Solution Architect Training

AWS: Certified Solutions Architect
Related area of expertise: Amazon Web Services
Recommended skills:
Completion of the AWS: Essentials course or significant hands-on experience with a variety of AWS services
Recommended equipment:
None, but an AWS account is HIGHLY recommended
Related certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Architecture course is a "sequel" to the AWS: Essentials course. It picks up assuming students are well versed in AWS technologies and assembles a series of “best practices” that, when put together, allow you to deploy a highly-available, cost-effective, automatically-scaling AWS solution that goes so far beyond “getting the job done,” your organization will wonder how they ever survived without AWS. This paradigm-shifting course will leave you floating on AWS Cloud Nine.

1. Understanding AWS Certification and How to Get the Most from this Course
2. AWS Design: Why use AWS and Global Best Practices
3. AWS Elasticity: Principles of Elasticity
4. AWS Elasticity: Understanding and Using Bootstrapping
5. AWS Elasticity: Understanding and Implementing CloudFormation
6. AWS Elasticity: Components of Auto Scaling
7. AWS Storage: Elastic Block Store (EBS)
8. AWS Storage: S3 and CloudFront
9. AWS Security: Understanding Shared Security
10. AWS Security: Using the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
11. AWS Security: Working with IAM
12. AWS Security: IAM Best Practices
13. AWS Database: Database Tips
14. AWS Cost: Optimizing AWS Expenses
15. AWS Availability: Designing High Availability in AWS
16. AWS Migration: Creating a Cloud Migration Strategy

Course Preview of AWS Solution Architect Training

Exam & Certification of AWS Solution Architect Training

How do you become a certified Specialist?
To receive the Certification, follow these steps:
Step 1: Attend a formal training course from www.e-learnify.in
Step 2: Register for the online exam after completing the training.
Step 3: Score 75% or higher on the exam
Step 4: It’s a global certificate, you will get it directly from the vendor itself.

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F.A.Qs of AWS Solution Architect Training

Who are the trainers?

All our trainers are industry working professional having live project experience, highly qualified with in-depth experience in

Is the Exam Fees included in the Course Fees?

No, the exam/certification fees is separate from the training fees

What is Online Classroom Training?

In the Online Classroom Training, the training is conducted via live streaming of a class. The class is conducted by a certified trainer. The ability to interact with other participants in a global audience can enrich your learning experience.

What next after Training?

As a part of training, we arrange 2 projects for you and in these projects you can implement the knowledge you have gained. And after successful training and projects, we will assist you in the CV building and placement networking.